Orion Clean Card PRO

perforated part of the test divice.When proteins are brought into contact with the test device,a visually detectable colour change from yellow to green or blue will occur. In addition to food safety Orion Clean Card PRO can be use also in other application areas like: Monitor the function of your dish washers by checking the…


A culture system for microbial on-site sampling Orion Diagnostica is the word’s leading dip-slide manufacturer,a rank achicved by stringent quality requirements and reliability of products.Hygicult is an agar slide method designed to allow reliable,economic and timesaving on-site microbiological hygiene monitoring. Description of the Hygicult product line The hinged plastic slide is covered on both sides…


An aid for microbial problem-solving in industry Easicult is a dipslide culture method designed for the detection and monitoring of microbes in industrial fluids.When present in sufficient numbers microbes may cause occupational health problem and economic losses.Easicult is an on-site test.Samples can be incubated either in room temperature or in an incubator.If needed,the slide can…

Sanitation Monitoring

a) AccuPoint Intended Use: Neogen’s AccuPoint 2 ATP Sanitation Monitoring System is a lightweight, handheld system that validates the effectiveness of a sanitation program by detecting food residues and microorganisms present on surfaces and in liquids. The system utilizes easy-to-use AccuPoint samplers, which automatically mix prepared reagents to quickly generate results. The Test The AccuPoint…

Food Allergen

1. Alert a) Almond Allergen Intended Use: Alert for Almond Allergen is used as a screening tool to test for almond residue in food products such as cookies, crackers, chocolate bars, ice cream, cereals and on environmental surfaces. b) Egg Allergen Intended Use: Alert for Egg Allergen is used as a screening tool to test…

Drying Oven (ASTM)

Drying Oven is to determine Total Moisture (TM) according to ASTM D3302-02. This machine is resistant to corrosion and has adjustable temperature safety.
Spesification :

Power Source : Electromotor, Single Phase, 1 HP/0.75 kW, 220V
Temperature : Max. 40°C
Capacity : 8 Aluminium rack pans
Dimension (mm) : 198H x 914D x 610W

Raymond Mill

This machine is uses a feeder made of brass so it is less susceptible to corrosion. Beside that, the faucet and screw – left booster sample, also made of brass will benefit because it will smooth out / launch the spin valves. It has 8 pieces hammer mill made of special steel grade to improve…

Sample Divider

The machine is suitable for sample division in coal mine, iron ore, metallurgical coke and chemical industry.
Spesification :

Sample Size: <13mm
Dividing Ratio: 1/4 or 1/8
Productivity: 500kg/h
Motor Power: 180W
Power Supply: 22V
Weight: 80kg
Dimension: 700×500×800 mm

Sieve Shaker

This machine is a specialized equipment for classifying and screening particle materials matching standard testing sieve of ¢ 200 mm. It has reliable performance. And it is flexible and convenient to clamp screen and can be controlled by showing number. According to the needs of the users, it can sieve a variety of samples with…