Sample Divider

The machine is suitable for sample division in coal mine, iron ore, metallurgical coke and chemical industry.
Spesification :

Sample Size: <13mm
Dividing Ratio: 1/4 or 1/8
Productivity: 500kg/h
Motor Power: 180W
Power Supply: 22V
Weight: 80kg
Dimension: 700×500×800 mm

Drying Oven (ASTM)

Drying Oven is to determine Total Moisture (TM) according to ASTM D3302-02. This machine is resistant to corrosion and has adjustable temperature safety.
Spesification :

Power Source : Electromotor, Single Phase, 1 HP/0.75 kW, 220V
Temperature : Max. 40°C
Capacity : 8 Aluminium rack pans
Dimension (mm) : 198H x 914D x 610W

Jaw Crusher

This machine is a complex jaw crusher. It is fitted with a feeding hopper to make sure the feeding materials would not get spilt or lost, and a output hopper. The particle size can be regulated by regulating the width of the output mouth. This product is of reasonable structure, reliable performance, convenient adjustment, stable…

Sealed Sample Pulverizer

Metal and non-metal mineral materials can be crushed by this facility and the crushed sample can be directly used for analysis. Model TSL-1/100A TSL-2/100A TSL-3/100A Qty of Sample Loader 1 2 3 Sample Load Capacity (g) 150 2X150 3X150 Supplied Sample Size (mm) ≤20 ≤20 ≤20 Produced Sample Size (μm) 75~180 75~180 75~180 Working Period…


Aflatoxin 1. Reveal a) Aflatoxin Intended use : Reval for aflatoxin is a single-step flow immunochromatograpic assay based on a competitive immunoassay format intended for the visual screening of aflatoxin in corn, corn gluten meal, corn meal, corn/soy blend, cottonseed, cotton seed meal, hominy, milo, peanuts, popcorn, rice, soy meal and wheat b) Aflatoxin SQ…

Sieve Shaker

This machine is a specialized equipment for classifying and screening particle materials matching standard testing sieve of ¢ 200 mm. It has reliable performance. And it is flexible and convenient to clamp screen and can be controlled by showing number. According to the needs of the users, it can sieve a variety of samples with…

Synthesized Sampler for Coal

Model: TSL-1800A, TSL-2000A Fit for the samples with high moisture content; it has the dual function of crush and sample reduction. Spesification Raw Sample Size: ≤150mm First Produced Sample Size: <13 Second Produced Sample Size First Reduction Ratio: 1/2-1/8 (Adjustable) ; Second Reduction Ratio: 1/4 Total Reduction Ratio: 1/8-1/32 (Adjustable) Productivity: 1800—1200kg/h Power: 8.25kw Weight:…