Neogen Corporation is a leader in developing and marketing test kits that provide food safety solutions. Our products are unsurpassed in terms of ease of use, convenience and speed. Our formats make testing simple. The tests are specifically designed to minimize user time and maximize convenience.

The accuracy and reproducibility of our products have inspired wide acceptance and use throughout the food industry. Our products have also earned official approvals and third party validations, including:

AOAC International
AOAC Research Institute
AFNOR Certified

Thermalindo is the sole agent for Neogen in Indonesia.
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Food Allergen

1. Alert a) Almond Allergen Intended Use: Alert for Almond Allergen is used as a screening tool to test for almond residue in food products such as cookies, crackers, chocolate bars, ice cream, cereals and on environmental surfaces. b) Egg Allergen Intended Use: Alert for Egg Allergen is used as a screening tool to test…

Sanitation Monitoring

a) AccuPoint Intended Use: Neogen’s AccuPoint 2 ATP Sanitation Monitoring System is a lightweight, handheld system that validates the effectiveness of a sanitation program by detecting food residues and microorganisms present on surfaces and in liquids. The system utilizes easy-to-use AccuPoint samplers, which automatically mix prepared reagents to quickly generate results. The Test The AccuPoint…


Aflatoxin 1. Reveal a) Aflatoxin Intended use : Reval for aflatoxin is a single-step flow immunochromatograpic assay based on a competitive immunoassay format intended for the visual screening of aflatoxin in corn, corn gluten meal, corn meal, corn/soy blend, cottonseed, cotton seed meal, hominy, milo, peanuts, popcorn, rice, soy meal and wheat b) Aflatoxin SQ…