The need for hygiene monitoring is increasing. Simple, reliable and cost-effective control methods are becoming paramount as a result of the self-monitoring regulations on food processing, the cost constraints in process industries and the hygiene requirements set for cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Orion Diagnostica’s hygiene monitoring tests provide institutions, industrial enterprises and authorities with an on-site means of detecting contamination by micro-organisms or protein residues and verifying cleanliness as well as monitoring the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection routines.

Bacteria, yeasts and moulds easily contaminate cutting oils, lubricants, coolants, paints and fuels, as well as raw materials, process waters, end-products and processes. Under favourable conditions micro-organisms can grow rapidly, causing severe problems in industry.

Foul odour is often the first sign of microbial contamination. Slime formation may also be observed. By the time these signs appear, irreversible damage may already have occurred.

Orion Diagnostica’s Easicult tests are ready-to-use tools for use in detecting and monitoring microbial contamination in a wide range of industrial activities, such as metalworking and paper, paint and fuel production. The tests give early warning of microbial contamination and allow criteria to be established for cleaning and disinfection procedures.


An aid for microbial problem-solving in industry Easicult is a dipslide culture method designed for the detection and monitoring of microbes in industrial fluids.When present in sufficient numbers microbes may cause occupational health problem and economic losses.Easicult is an on-site test.Samples can be incubated either in room temperature or in an incubator.If needed,the slide can…


A culture system for microbial on-site sampling Orion Diagnostica is the word’s leading dip-slide manufacturer,a rank achicved by stringent quality requirements and reliability of products.Hygicult is an agar slide method designed to allow reliable,economic and timesaving on-site microbiological hygiene monitoring. Description of the Hygicult product line The hinged plastic slide is covered on both sides…

Orion Clean Card PRO

perforated part of the test divice.When proteins are brought into contact with the test device,a visually detectable colour change from yellow to green or blue will occur. In addition to food safety Orion Clean Card PRO can be use also in other application areas like: Monitor the function of your dish washers by checking the…